Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber. It is ready to use right out of the pack.
Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber.It is ready to use right out of the pack.

Some reviews online about Elfwick™, hope you enjoy them.

Jeff and Tristan from Convicted Vapes talking about elfwick, during a vape meet.

Tristan from Convicted Vapes talking about elfwick.  Then he does a little dance.  JUST KIDDING.  He doesnt mention elfwick ONCE. NOT ONCE.

Ohm Boy Josh talking about elfwick.  This review includes the quote that makes me laugh: '*&^% you, elfwick..you've ruined cotton for me!'.  Which is of course an admirable goal...

Frank's review of elfwick from July 2015.  Unlike Tristan, he actually talks about wick and did not dance...much...

Deligma's review of wick, plus he stuck it in a Nautilus head rebuild, and it worked.

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