Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber. It is ready to use right out of the pack.
Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber.It is ready to use right out of the pack.

A quick snack of some beloved tacos before more elf tasks.....

I'll add some photos as time goes on.  And maybe some pony pictures. Ok maybe one pony picture to start things off.



The wispy bit at the bottom is then patted and rolled up gently to make a wick, above.  It can then be rolled rather tight to easily slide through your coil.  It needs to slide EASILY through the coil or you will have longer break in times. Another way to get nice results for Dual coils is to make sure to roll up a long enough wick that you can cut it into two pieces, so that each part is the same thickness.


A rolled up wick.  It will start to expand immediately, so I am careful to roll it quite tight.  The screwdriver is 2mm to give you an idea of scale and just now LITTLE wick is used for a coil.

Yes I know, not the most perfect coils ever.  BUT...this gives you an example of just how little wick it takes to make a Vapewell RDA happy.  Not much at all!  The wick expands with juice and easily fills up the coil but does not choke it.  This is vital to getting the most flavor from your wick.

A nice lady named Victoria gave me a pony.  It does NOT poop out packages of Elfwick...I WISH.  It would make my life SO much easier.

Elfwick in a SmokTech Caterpillar RDA.  Wick goes through the coil and touches the deck, and then a cloud of wick is under the coil and pressed to the center posts to expose as much of the coil as possible, to cool the vapor.

A NicoMod!  Next to it is a 2x18650 case, to demonstrate just how SMALL this device is.

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