Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber. It is ready to use right out of the pack.
Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber.It is ready to use right out of the pack.

This is an example of how thin a wick made of Elfwick needs to be.  The amount on the bottom is a wispy bit, and the one above is the same amount but rolled and stretched to make a proper wick.  You will get an odd taste if your hands are dirty when doing this.




The most important thing to understand about using this wick is that while its like cotton, it is not cotton.  Use 1/2 to 1/3 compared to the amount of cotton for your coil wick.  This ensures you wont have a choked coil and muted flavor.  A wispy amount can be rolled up into a wick that will work quite well.


After 4-6 days I suggest to replace the wick for maximum flavor and cleanliness.


Less really is more with this wick.




A thin wick (compared to cotton) will break in faster and give you superior flavor.  The image above is of wicks made for 2mm coils.


For 3mm coils (and high watt builds) you might end up using a little more material.  The number of pulses for breaking it in is still the same, but the duration per pulse is shorter due to high watt builds putting out so much heat so fast.


Make sure that you are not choking the coil with wick - it will make break-in time increase a lot.  It takes a few builds to find that sweet spot with this material but it works.  


Wick will swell with juice when you prime it.  It WILL take time to really get a wick wet, at least 90 seconds or 2 minutes total...be patient! Its going to soak in just fine, just let the wick do its thing.


Prime and fire 9-10 times to start breaking in your wick. At 50 watts, use short pulses - 4 seconds maximum.


Keep an eye on the wick so its wet as you are pulsing. For builds at 80 watts+, use shorter pulses of 2-3 seconds but still pulse it 9-10 times.



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