Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber. It is ready to use right out of the pack.
Elfwick™ is pure high quality degummed hemp fiber.It is ready to use right out of the pack.

My story about all this:


In my time vaping I've tried several wick types and none satsified me: cotton could burn and create a very bad taste. Silica and ceramic wicks could flake and fray and I would then wonder about possible health risks from it.


If your wick of choice leaves you satisfied then by all means enjoy it.  Vaping is a very personal experience so if what you have makes you happy (and keeps you off smokes) then its good.


I finally got some natural fiber and after some effort to get it ready - I put it in a Kanger Mini Protank head.  I thought the taste was good and it was quite durable.  As I spent more time vaping I tried natural fiber in a Kayfun and found that to be better flavor delivery than a Mini Protank.


Finally I tried it in a drip atomizer and was instantly shocked at just how much flavor was there.  Of course, using a drip atty is going to deliver a lot of flavor in the first place.  But when I used it over many days I discovered the real advantage of the fiber - it can take quite a lot of abuse and still deliver tasty vapor.


I intentionally dried it out  and then added juice back on...it had no burnt taste, unlike cotton.  I was impressed at the durablity of the fiber and its ability to carry good tasting vapor and flavor time and again.



No wick is perfect and they can wear out over time.  But in my simple tests and use of natural fiber, I've come to regard it as my go-to wick material of choice.


*A word about this: I do not expect you to intentionally dry out your wick and then abuse it by firing it so much that its bone dry.  This is not your usual pattern of use and I would expect users to be mindful of any potential hazards when using e-cigs.  Safety first is my absolute concern.


 By using this in ANY PV device you bear the burden of being responsible, and to use it properly.


For newer users: take the time to learn your gear, battery limits, and how to build SAFE coil setups BEFORE trying building coils. A coil build that is ABOVE one ohm is far safer than sub-ohm builds.


When in doubt be sure to ask - local groups of vapers on Facebook, local brick and mortar shops, experienced vapers, or online resources. NEVER ASSUME your build is safe until you can test the coil's resistance, and understand your batterys amp limits.


Coil builds can be hazardous if you do not observe basic safety measures!!




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